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#SenateSecrets Challenges

Players will have the opportunity to take part in 6 challenges throughout the day.

  • Challenge 1 – Secret History – All the clues can be found on our Flickr account
  • Challenge 2 – Key to the Mystery – Keep your eyes peeled during the opening session
  • Challenge 3 – The Whole Picture – Visit the exhibitors from morning coffee break onwards
  • Challenge 4 – Seek and You Shall Find – Join in the search at lunchtime (keep an eye on @FOTiE for more details)
  • Challenge 5 – Photo Finish – Look out for the picture clues on @FOTiE throughout the day
  • Challenge 6 – Last Orders – Help figure out the final puzzle during afternoon coffee


FOTE14 Game: Summary & Rules

#SenateSecrets is a collaborative treasure hunt that will take place online and offline before and during the conference. Delegates can work together to unlock the six padlocks to reveal the contents of the Senate Chest and win fabulous prizes.

  • Wear your #SenateSecrets sticker with pride!
  • You do not need to knock on or open any doors.
  • All of the game takes place close to the conference area.
  • You do not need to force or break anything.
  • Each padlock can only be unlocked once – you might want to hold on to a padlock once you’ve unlocked it.
  • No kicking, biting, scratching, hitting, or fisticuffs of any kind – it’s just for fun.

The moderators reserve the right to change any aspect of the game and the rules at any time. 🙂

Don’t forget to keep an eye on @FOTiE and #SenateSecrets on Twitter for clues and to share your progress!

This game has been designed by the Association for Learning Technology Games and Learning Special Interest Group. Please come and talk to us on our stand.

FOTE14 Game – Bio

Dr Katie Piatt

Dr Piatt has been working inkatiepiatt the field of Learning Technologies for 10 years, with experience in development, implementation and evaluation. Her research focuses on methods of student engagement. Current projects include investigating the integration of social media with traditional environments and the introduction of game-based learning principles as part of the ALT special interest group.

You can follow Katie on Twitter: @katiepiatt




Dr Nicola Whitton


Nicola Whitton is a Senior Research Fellow at the Education and Social Research Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her research specialises in pedagogic innovation and, in particular, the use of participatory and collaborative research designs. He research interests include the use of games, play and storytelling for learning, and the role of technology in education. She is currently leading projects on the use of mobile technologies in teacher education,  collaborative game-making in schools, and reasons for learner disengagement in Higher Education.

You can follow Nicola on Twitter: @NicWhitton


Alex Moseley

amiconthinAlex is a National Teaching Fellow, and an Educational Designer and University Teaching Fellow at the University of Leicester, where he has had long experience as both practitioner and researcher of course design and development for higher education. He has particular interests in online and distance education, student engagement, and provision of effective research skills and student induction. His principle research area is in games based learning; he recently co-authored Using Games to Enhance Teaching and Learning (Routledge, 2012) and New Traditional Games for Learning: A Case Book (Routledge, 2013) and has suggested key features of online immersive games which can be transferred to higher education to ensure high engagement and community development. He was part of the team behind the first charity Alternative Reality Game, Operation: Sleeper Cell, co-chairs the Association for Learning Technology special interest group on Games and Learning, and co-organises the Let’s Change the Game cross-sector conference.

You can follow Alex on Twitter: @AlexM11

Unlock the Secrets of Senate House

Alongside this year’s conference will be an opportunity to join in the conference game #senatesecrets.

Run by the ALT Special Interest Group for Games and Learning, the game will provide examples of game-based learning through a series of puzzles and challenges.

A chance to explore the amazing history of Senate House both online and in the hallways of the building itself during the event.