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Guest Post – Unituhack

The following is posted on behalf of Ignacio Willats & Leon Achilleos who took part in the FOTE14 pitchfest.

Unituhack: The Hackers That Want Source Codes, Not Sort Codes!

Try to imagine a hacker hacking. The notion might conjure up images of an anonymous cyber-criminal, sitting in a dark room, typing lines of green code with the malicious intent of stealing your identity and personal information.

Whilst this image is still a valid one, the concept of a hacker has an entirely different meaning for the new generation of budding young techies. They might conceptualise a hacker in a completely different light. How about this definition:

Hacker — An individual who can use the power of computing and associated tools to create solutions to difficult problems.

Indeed, hackers are the people who designed your PC, created the software behind your Smartphones and Tablets, and even created those complex algorithms which run your favourite apps. Indeed, hackers make up some of the most influential entrepreneurs of our modern age: Mark Zuckerberg—the founder of Facebook—started off as a hacker, as did Bill Gates.

What is Unitu’s Hackathon?

A hackathon is an event which brings together a large group of people, sometimes from different social demographics, to engage in collaborative computer programming. It gives hackers and non-hackers alike the chance to bounce around ideas and cooperate in the development of exciting new software projects. Hackers bring exciting ideas into fruition, but they need exciting ideas first. That is where you come in.

On the 8th of November, Unituhack is bringing together three groups of people to collaborate on “hacking” together innovative solutions to problems faced in education. In association with Jisc, our hackathon is a one day event in which programmers, teachers and students come together for one sole reason, to hack and create solutions to the problems they see in their immediate academic surroundings.

At its essence Unituhack aims to make everyone a hacker, even if you’ve never typed a line of code in your life!

Teachers, We Want You!
On the day, we will be inviting:

30 Students
15 Staff members
15 Techies

We know from our own experience the amazing pace of creation that happens when you put innovators and skilled techies together. We also know, the power of co-creation. Our measurement of success on the day will be how many teams go back to their universities with a working prototype that they can start to implement in their very own departments.

And what’s more, there will be some fantastic prizes for those who we think have performed particularly well at the event. For more information about the event and to see what amazing tech and prizes we have in store for you, head over to our website at:

There’s no need fto hesitate, come and join us for the one day only Unituhack. All you need to bring is some creative flair, a good idea, and an optimistic attitude.

We look forward to seeing you all on the day!

posted by Frank Steiner on November 3, 2014

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