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#SenateSecrets Challenges

Players will have the opportunity to take part in 6 challenges throughout the day.

  • Challenge 1 – Secret History – All the clues can be found on our Flickr account
  • Challenge 2 – Key to the Mystery – Keep your eyes peeled during the opening session
  • Challenge 3 – The Whole Picture – Visit the exhibitors from morning coffee break onwards
  • Challenge 4 – Seek and You Shall Find – Join in the search at lunchtime (keep an eye on @FOTiE for more details)
  • Challenge 5 – Photo Finish – Look out for the picture clues on @FOTiE throughout the day
  • Challenge 6 – Last Orders – Help figure out the final puzzle during afternoon coffee


posted by Nuwa Enobakhare on October 2, 2014

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