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FOTE14 Pitchfest Finalist: Fluency

Fluency is a digital skills learning platform that helps young people get into work in the digital industry. We believe that digital skills are job skills and that every young person, no matter what their background, has the potential to be digitally fluent and take their place in the economy. We teach our learners skills that small businesses, agencies and startups need such as web design, search engine optimisation and email marketing. Our learners put their skills to the test with real-world digital challenges. Insight from our platform allows us to match-make young people to employers and freelance opportunities effectively.

Our vision is to build a global social business that uses technology to give access to decent work opportunities and changes the lives of people in need. As a company with a social mission, we want to help some of the 75 million unemployed young people around the world into work. We passionately believe that young people all over the world need access to decently paid, work opportunities whether they live in the wilds of Scotland, the south of Spain or the Sudan. With the growth in internet penetration and falling prices of computing devices across the world, we think that digital skills and online work can be the deliverer of this vision.



posted by Nuwa Enobakhare on September 29, 2014

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