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FOTE14 Pitchfest Finalist: Knodium

Knodium is the default place that students at over 100 universities go to collaborate and engage with others as part of their studies. Users can create and join groups based on the courses they’re taking, for group projects or even to explore common interests.

Universities are networks of 10s of thousands of people, but students have never been able to explore this network, and universities have never been able to learn about it. With Knodium you can learn more how people in their network engage with each other and things like: what are the trending in discussions.

The way students are using technology in education is driving some fundamental changes; Knodium is the student driven platform that bridges the gap between the online and offline education experience.

Twitter: @knodium

posted by Nuwa Enobakhare on September 24, 2014

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