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Women In Tech – Session

We are very excited to host a ‘Women In Tech’ session at this year’s conference. We will kick-off with a keynote from Samantha Swift, Product Manager at McAfee Labs who will be sharing results from a recent survey undertaken by McAfee, which was featured in the national press.

Samantha will then be joined on stage by Sarah Sherman, Heidi Fraser-Krauss and Mandy Phillips to talk in more-depth on the issues faced by women in technology.

Sarah Sherman, BLE Service Manager (Chair)

Sarah ShermanSarah began her career working as a primary school teacher and educational researcher. She has worked in Learning Technology for over 13 years and currently manages the Bloomsbury Learning Environment – a shared e-learning service for five London-based HE institutions.

Sarah is responsible for overseeing the coordination, implementation and development of the VLE and associated tools and technologies such as lecture capture, web conferencing software and the shared digital media repository.

Sarah coordinates regional and national e-learning users groups and has been involved in a number of Jisc projects and activities over the years.

She is a Trustee and Honorary Secretary of the Association for Learning Technology.

You can follow her on Twitter: @BLE1

Heidi Fraser-Krauss,  Head of IT Services

Heidi Fraser-KraussHeidi Fraser-Krauss is the Head of IT Services and Deputy Director of Information at the University of York, a post she has held since January 2012. In this role she is responsible for leadership and strategy development in all aspects of information technology for both staff and students, as well as contributing to strategic oversight of the University Library and Archives. Since arriving in York she has refocused IT Services on supporting the University’s key objectives, (teaching learning and research) and has fundamentally restructured the team, to great effect!

Before joining the University of York Heidi was the Director of Business Improvements at the University of St Andrews a post she held for 8 years. In St Andrews she led a major programme of work to introduce and embed ‘Lean thinking’ to the institution. She also drove major improvements in the University’s information systems infrastructure and is particularly proud of her achievements in the areas of business intelligence and the corporate website.

Heidi firmly believes that people are THE key assets in any business and is passionate about improving information technology services to make life easier and more productive for students and staff.

Heidi is married to an academic and has 3 teenage boys. As a working mother she has had to juggle the two demons of childcare and guilt, but feels that after a long struggle, she has come out on top!

Mandy Phillips, Head of Corporate Business Change Initiatives

Mandy PhillipsMandy is Head of Corporate Business Change Initiatives at Liverpool John Moores University, a department leading change in the organisation and focusing on optimising and harnessing existing and new technologies. An experienced programme and project manager, she uses three key elements to make things better – people, process and technology.

Found as @m8nd1 on Twitter and many different channels she is also Mum to #minime and Sparky the dog. Loves people, purpose, passion, webs, technology, gadgets, travel and glamping.




Samantha Swift, Product Manager

Having spent the majority of her career at leading global security company, McAfee, Samantha Humphries-Swift now works as a product manager at McAfee Labs. Being a product manager means that Samantha plays an important role in the global fight against cybercrime. In 2013, Samantha was responsible for the product management of Anti-Malware Core Technologies which have been successfully deployed to over 25 million customer endpoints. In her current role, her responsibilities reside within Cloud Safety and Quality and Trust, which includes Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) File Reputation. As an ambassador and spokesperson for McAfee, Samantha travels across the world sharing her cybersecurity expertise to ensure the message about being safe online is communicated globally.

posted by Frank Steiner on September 1, 2014

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