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FOTE12 live stream

Mediasite by Sonic Foundry sponsored the FOTE12 live-stream for all keynote sessions and in addition provided an on-demand service.

Demand to attend FOTE has always out-stripped delegate capacity at our chosen conference venue, so providing a live-stream is a great way to reach people who otherwise would have been unable to attend.

Since we first live-streamed FOTE back in 2011, we have had close to 300 people watch the live stream, with viewers from 15 different countries around the world, including: Australia, Brazil, Slovenia, South Africa, Thailand and the United States.

FOTE streaming outside UK

Although Windows 7 was used by over 40% of the remote audience, iOS powered devices (iPad, iPhone & Mac) represent the majority (51%) when it comes to the operating system of choice. Interestingly, the average total time spend watching the live stream was over 2 hours per user, with over 90% of the audience watching at least 15 minutes or more.

Internet Browers UsedThe feedback we had so far has been positive and if there is one thing we would like to improve upon for next year is the level of interaction with our remote audience. Looking at the post-event statistics we know some viewers of the stream joined our Twitter back-channel rather than using the opportunity to ask questions during the live-stream. How much of this is due to the convenience and familiarity of using Twitter we can only speculate. But to those of you who joined us remotely please feel free to let us know about your experience so we can make things event better next year.

posted by fote-conference on October 16, 2012

One thought on “FOTE12 live stream”

  1. Shamblesguru says:

    BRILLIANT day … I listened to most of it … the UK timing was very convenient for me [Thailand, Asia].

    The quality of the streaming was professional … congrats to all involved.

    Hope you stream every year …. and I’ve already listed next years session on my curated list of online CPD at

    Many thanks for sharing with the world.

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