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FOTE12 Speaker – Cailean Hargrave

Name: Cailean HargraveCailean H

Title: UK Higher and Further Education Business Development Manager at IBM UK Limited

Bio: Two years into the role from four years in the education sectors, Cailean has developed new solutions for the market including “Classroom in the Cloud” technology; creating online spaces for virtual collaboration, and encouraging the global expansion of UK education excellence. Cailean has a keen focus on driving the thought leadership of key college network consortia and creating strategic relationships with top education institutes to demonstrate a new dimension of viewing and running the business of education to bring value to learners.

Cailean is passionate about social learning and fully utilising mobile, cloud, social, data and emerging technologies to create an exceptional student experience. He is a firm believer in the value of immersive technological environments, affording tailored educational pathways for learner success, entrepreneurial access and education for young adults.

A keen cupcake baker, infrequent cyclist and disruptive entrepreneur in his spare time.

Session Title: Achieving an Exceptional Student Experience

Session Abstract: The global recession, increasing pressure on education budgets and a rise in tuition fees have all resulted in the need for the sector to become more efficient and provide a better quality service in order to remain competitive. Students are demanding a technologically immersive experience that provides them with capabilities that are commonplace in their personal lives.

IBM together with our partners have established the Exceptional Student Experience strategy to enable education institutes to bring nothing less than a revolution to education delivery and organisation agility. Cloud, Social, Mobile and Analytics technologies developed across the depth and breadth of IBM capability, in every sector, in over 180 geographies across the globe, applied directly as best practice to the UK education industry.

From applicant to alumni, we have established technologies that transform the learner journey to ensure the greatest student success, staff efficiency, stakeholder engagement and sector growth:

  • Cloud based Digital Marketing technologies that address student needs with personalised offers, taking precedence from retail, e-commerce and s-commerce practices.
  • Social Collaboration technologies that create a connected ecosystem of learning, international virtual campuses and immersive social learning environments.
  • Mobile BYOD technologies that ensure accessibility and a seamless experience regardless of device or location in a sustainable and secure way.
  • Analytics technologies that can report and predict, with confidence, student success to enable proactive support, reducing attrition and raising success.

This vision is continually evolving and we are looking for more strategic partnerships with education institutes to gain mutual benefits from developing unique technologies and provide areas of added value from the IBM brand

posted by fote-conference on September 17, 2012

2 thoughts on “FOTE12 Speaker – Cailean Hargrave”

  1. Adam Duffill says:

    Brilliant insight and product from IBM. How do I get hold of the presentation to show to our Heads of college?

    1. Nuwa says:

      You can watch IBM and all the other presentations again here:
      The slides will be made available through our slideshare account soon.

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