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Looking back at FOTE08

The success of the first Future of Technology in Education event (FOTE08) took us by surprise. Originally planned as a FOTE08 logoone-off community orientated event that brought together both academics and leading technology organisations to share their views on he current technological trends and challenges facing the academic sector, we originally hoped to attract around 150 delegates.

In reality, we were totally blown away with the amazing response we had from the
community about the conference, ended up looking for a bigger venue at the 11th hour and in the end managed to attracted over 250 delegates.

iTunes U

iTunes U was the hot topic during FOTE08. Having been launched in the US a year earlier following a collaboration between Apple and Duke University, 2008 saw the launch of iTunes U in the UK with three institutions. Since then iTunes U has come a long in the UK as Brian Kelly outlined in his blog post over at UKWebFocus entitled “What Are UK Universities Doing With iTunesU?“. Currently a total of 34 UK institutions are using iTunes U with the Open University registering over 44 million downloads since joining iTunes U in 2008 and over 90% of its visitors coming from outside the UK.


Established in 2006, Huddle has grown from a bedroom start-up to a 100-strong team based in London, San Francisco and New York. Back in 2008, Alastair Mitchell, CEO and co-founder of Huddle spoke about ‘Social collaboration tools for staff and students’ proclaiming Huddle to be the “One-stop shop for every type of collaboration”.

5 years on and Huddle is used by more than 100,000 organisations in over 180 countries, including Disney, AKQA, HTC and Kia Motors, to securely manage projects, share files and collaborate with people inside and outside of their business.


A playlist of the presentations from the first FOTE can be seen below.

  1. David Rippon
  2. Alastair Mitchell
  3. Harold Fricker
  4. Ian Forrester
  5. Maria Illia
  6. James Broad
  7. Miles Metcalfe
  8. Pauline Randall
  9. Philip Butler
  10. Sam Peters
  11. Tim Marshall
  12. Tom Abbott


The selection of some of the actual slides from FOTE can be seen below.


“All in all i was very pleased I attended FOTE2008”

Shirley Williams – Professor from the University of Reading

“All in all it was a good first outing – congratulations to Frank and colleagues at ULCC for organising the event –  looking forward to next year already.”

Chris Chattam – Senior Project Manager from Royal Holloway


  • Lawrie Phipps, who is currently a Programme Manager, Users and Innovation at JISC wrote  notes about the FOTE08 presentations. Lawrie’s notes can be found on this JISC blog.
  • Steven Carpenter from Warwick University produced notes from the day, they can be found on his blog, UX.
  • A review of FOTE08 can also be found on TalisAspire. The blogger reviewed speakers, questions raised as well as a general summary of the whole event.

posted by fote-conference on July 30, 2012

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