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FOTE12 Speaker – Nicola Whitton

Name – Dr Nicola Whitton Nicola Whitton

Title – Research Fellow in the Education and Social Research Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University

Bio – Nicola Whitton, specialises in games and play for learning in Higher Education. She has written widely in the field, including her latest book, Using Games to Enhance Learning and Teaching (co-edited with Alex Moseley), led several research projects examining aspects of game design and learner engagement, and is chair of the Association for Learning Technology Special Interest Group on Games and Learning.

Session Title: What is the Future of Digital Games and Learning?

Session Abstract – In this talk, Nicola Whitton will first provide a rapid overview of the history of computer games for learning, before looking at where the field is today. She will highlight what she considers some of the most critical challenges in the design, use, and evaluation of games for learning, and present examples of the effective use of game-based learning in Higher Education. The talk will conclude with some thoughts on the future – and the potential – of computer games for learning, and some ideas about how we might get there.


posted by fote-conference on July 26, 2012

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