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FOTE12 Speaker – Yousuf Khan

Yousuf KhanName: Yousuf Khan

Title: Chief Information Officer for Hult International Business School

Bio: Yousuf leads the technology management and innovation change function across Hult’s campuses in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai and Shanghai. In 2011, Khan led the deployments of over 2000 iPads in globally across Hult’s campuses to be used by students and faculty. This was seen as a major transformational change of the school and led the way for more innovation to be brought into the classroom centred around mobility. Khan has worked in professional services consulting as well as technology and telecoms at global level. Prior to joining Hult, Khan worked for Education First, the worlds largest private education provider, with responsibility for Global IT infrastructure projects and supply chain management. Khan has been a frequent speaker at vendor conferences in talking about effective project management and technology adoption in the education industry. Khan earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Kings College London.

Session Title: iPad and Mobility Changing Education

Session Abstract: 694 iPads sold every minute and educational institutions globally are adopting it. Many institutions are wanting to innovate and use the IPad to change the classroom experience and campus life. The project conducted at Hult showed how a single technology like the iPad helped to change many facets of the organisation – from reading lists in a course, increasing classroom participation, to engaging the alumni community. This session will aim to motivate to embrace mobility and take a major step in innovating their classroom experience. It will give an overview of the deployment at Hult which involved deploying over 2000 ipads for students across it’s five campuses and engaging faculty to overcome resistance to adopting technology. Lastly the session will provide an insight into creating a new platform for further innovation to be delivered using the iPad.

posted by fote-conference on July 25, 2012

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