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Student Analytics for Success

Cailean Hargrave of IBM at FOTE11 discussed that, although investment in education has steadily risen over the last decade, we have not seen a corresponding rise in student attainment levels.

Students still fall behind and drop out, yet officials lack the data to spot the at-risk cases. Paper processes, siloed systems and antiquated administrative functions waste precious resources and block access to the real-time information that could provide insight. By connecting academic, operational and financial data and coupling it with the right reporting and analysis capabilities, education organisations can:

Track student performance across institutions, intake and courses.
Monitor attendance, mobility and intervention patterns to take remedial action.
Analyse lecturer development and curriculum effectiveness at any level.
Measure effectiveness of spending against results to report to stakeholders.
Taking a proactive approach to deriving insight from data will enhance decision-making and means that we can target issues before they happen.

This provides students the support they need with tailored education and the college an improvement in success rates – while simultaneously getting the best returns from college resources and protecting revenue streams.

posted by fote-conference on October 11, 2011

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